Welcome to the JLT Tempest Rally website – as ever we’re on a mission to provide competitors with the lowest cost loose surface rallying possible in the UK. Saturday November 2 2013 is the date for your diary and once again we’re based in Aldershot and offering two separate events. The Tempest2 for two wheel drive cars and Tempest4 is for the four wheel drive entrants. We’ve got same day scrutineering and rallying, central service park and action complete by 6pm. On the website you will find everything you need to compete, marshal or spectate on the rally and you can also join us on Twitter and Facebook for what promises to be a fun-filled day of rally action.

High speed rally action thrills crowds on JLT Tempest Rally

High speed rally action proved a popular attraction in Hampshire at the weekend as some of the country’s leading rally teams took part in the Aldershot-based JLT Tempest Rally.
The event attracted a host of WRC cars, the very latest in 2WD technology, classic rally models and an unrivalled combination of established and rising rally drivers and co-drivers together with the popular Armed Forces Rally Team.
Two individual rallies – one for two wheel drive cars and a second for the more powerful four wheel drive cars, produced two worthy winners after 10 high speed stages in forests on the HampshireSurrey border.
Robert Swann and Aled Edwards won the Tempest4 rally for four wheel drive cars in their Subaru Impreza finishing just seven seconds ahead of Jamie Anderson and Chris Brooks in a Mitsubishi Evo IX. Third overall went to Tristan Bailey and James How who were also in a Mitsubishi.
In Tempest2 it was Callum Black who was victor for the second year running with Paul Wakely alongside in the Citroen DS3 while second place went to Leigh Armstrong and Chris Armstrong, with Simon Smith and Sylvia Earle third overall.
Rally manager Barry Guess said the event, his 25th at the helm, had once again been a great success for competitors and for spectators.
“The event ran well from start to finish and the feedback from everyone involved has been tremendous,’’ said Barry. “Robert has been a long time supporter of the event and it’s great to see him take his first Tempest Rally win and we’re delighted Callum has already pledged to come back next year and attempt a hatrick of wins. Both crews are worthy winners of their respective events but neither win was easy and we had some close competition throughout the day.’’
Speaking at the finish, Tempest4 winner Robert Swann said that a comfortable lead heading into the final stage quickly disappeared after mechanical issues. “It was touch and go at one point but I’m really happy to win this event after trying for many years,’’ said Robert. “Despite a few issues the car has tremendous power and traction and although most of my rallying is on tarmac this is one gravel event I always enjoy.’’
Tempest2 winner Callum Black commented that after a bit of slow start with a spin on an early stage he soon got into the flow. “I’m so chuffed to win again and my dad also finished in the top 10 so it’s been a good family day out,’’ he said. “I’ll definitely be back and trying to make it three in a row next year.’’

Tempest2 winners

Congratulations to the Tempest2 top three
1 Callum Black and Paul Wakely
2 Leigh Armstrong and Chris Armstrong
3 Simon Smith and Sylvia Earle

Tempest4 winners

Congratulations to Tempest4 top three
1 Robert Swann and Aled Edwards
2 Jamie Anderson and Chris Brooks
3 Tristan Bailey and James Howe

Tempest2 service

Tempest2 teams heading back into service now with plenty of smiles.
Car 1 and last year’s winner Callum Black says he’s pleased to be back on the pace.
Car 4 Shawn Rayner says he’s having a good afternoon.
Car 6 Leigh Armstrong said things were going well until he forgot to turn on the fuel pumps heading into Longmoor and it took a few moments to realise what the problem was.
Car 5 Simon Smith had a puncture earlier in the day and a spin in Rushmoor but Longmoor was the best he has ever known.
Car 9 Tim Rogers says he is gradually wrecking the car with both front chassis legs bent which makes for some interesting handling.
Car 11 Graham Samuel is going well but says the chicanes are tight.
Car 14 Damian Thomas has a bent bottom arm they are hoping to change at service.
Car 12 Scott Barnes says he is going superfast and was 20 seconds faster into Longmoor than the first run – some big smiles in this car.
Car 18 Steve Black says things are going as well as expected.
Car 19 Martin Mansell with a big grin after going faster than Steve Black than Steve Black
Car 24 Lee and Daniel Robinson say they are having a good day but apparently Longmoor was slippy.
Car 25 Clare Samuel says she’s having great fun with loads of dramas.
Car 27 Jacob Scannell is sounding a bit loud but apparently the engine is being held in with a ratchet strap.
Car 26 Andy Turner lost a bonnet pin so a bit of a flap in Longmoor
Car 32 Alan Carfrae says they are having a fantastic day despite being beached in Ash and having alternator problems.
Car 21 Adrian and Simon May suffered a puncture in Longmoor which had to be changed on the road section.

Temepst4 service

Car 113 Jamie Anderson happy to doing as well as he is after hitting a chicane and a bit of an overshoot.
Car 107 Trevor Martin just came out of Pavilion and said it was his best stage of the day – especially having the brakes sorted. Apparently easier than just using the handbrake.
Car 119 Tony MacWhirter is getting through tyres and struggling for grip and says he’s defending now.
Car 118 Matthew Green broke the windscreen over a jump – heavy landed took its toll and he’s struggling for visibility.
Car 120 Richard Barrow had a bit of a rattle which has gone away so he’s hoping it’s nothing serious.
Car 121 Kevin Harvey lost a bit of time when the car popped out of third over a bump.
Car 122 Paul Bonas said the stages are starting to cut up so they are struggling now.

Tempest4 service

Back in service with Tempest4 and a few cars looking a little battered and bruised.
Car 101 John Lloyd says he is overdriving and has stalled on a few hairpins which has been frustrating.
Car 102 Robert Swann thinks he is getting a bit carried away and is hoping to calm down a little in service before the final loop of stages.
Car 103 Tristan Bailey had a spin in Warren and lost time but hopes to have made up some of that in Rushmoor. But says he’s loving every minute in the car – says they have both having a brilliant time.
Car 104 Wug Utting is enjoying a battle with Martin Seibold.
Car 108 Martyn England is still suffering from an electrical problem which is worse on the bumpy sections.

Tempest4 retirements

Just a couple of retirements so far
Ben Gott Daniel Whittingham Stopped after SS2
Pater Baylis Anthony Blyth Broken rear suspension - TC5C

Tempest2 retirements

Retirements to date in Tempest2
Julian Wilkes David Wilkes Went off - SS25
Martin Rowe Trevor Agnew Lost wheel - SS23
Pat Flynn Jamie Foster Accident - SS25
Robert Smith Jonathan Boucard Blown engine - SS21
Meirion Evans Elliot Edmundson Mechanical - before SS24
Tony Hawkins John Rutter Fuel pump - SS22
Thomas Lloyd Craig Maggs Stopped - SS24
Duncan Waite Keith Garton Rotor arm - SS24
Mac Jessop Amber Jessop Front suspension - TC23C
Nick Danks Martin Corbett Engine in service

Tempest4 service

Car 101 John Lloyd has arrived back in service smiling and says the second run around Longmoor was particularly good.
Car 102 Robert Swann has a massive grin on his face and says that apart from a stall at the start of the first stage the car is incredible and he’s loving the power and traction.
Car 103 Tristan Bailey and James Howe are enjoying their first outing since May and have pledged to hunt everyone else down as the day unfolds.
Car 104 Wug Utting is enjoying the service area banter and says it’s a great shakedown for Wales Rally GB.
Car 108 Martyn England has only just taken delivery of his car and says that with just 10 miles on the road under his belt before the rally started it is a learning curve not helped by an electrical glitch which keeps cutting the engine momentarily. However he says he’s loving the handling
Car 112 Shelly Taunt says that she feels like she is in a Mark II Escort with her back wanting to overtake her front!

Tempest2 Service..more...

Car 25 Clare Samuel saw husband Martin Rowe was stopped in Rushmoor and was so concerned for his welfare that she did another loop just to check up on him.
Car 12 Scott Barnes and Andy Hall say they are having an excellent time with no marks on the car, it’s running well and they are loving their first time on gravel for three years – the Tempest Rally was their last gravel event.
Car 23 Clive Anstey and Annabel Sealey have broken a driveshaft so the crew will have a busy time in service.
Car 21 Adrian and Simon May are smiling despite losing several minutres when the car didn’t like a puddle and stopped on the first stage.
Car 31 Nick Edwards and Martin King are having an interesting time. Martin has not do-driven for 23 years and is not enjoying his introduction to route notes. But both are still smiling and enjoying the learning curve.

Tempest2 service

First Tempest2 cars are back into service and plenty of smiles in most of the cars. Most of the drivers are taking about trying to get into the flow.
Car 1 Callum Black and Paul Wakely had a poor start and Callum not happy about a spin on the first stage but says things have since improved.
Car 2 Julian Wilkes with dad David in the co-driver’s seat nearly headed off to the wrong stage as Julian ignored dad’s road instruction. But sounds like they are having fun and Julian said he is trying to push hard.
Car 6 Leigh Armstrong and Chris Armstrong talked about differing grip on the corners and thinks they have been a bit messy.
Car 10 Mike Tomkinson and birthday girl Shaun Whitehurst have been entertaining the crowds in Rushmoor Arena – perhaps they are in training for cars on ice.


Leading times after SS1 Ash

1 Jamie Anderson Chris Brooks Mitsubishi Evo IX 0:02:30
2 Robert Swann Aled Edwards Subaru Impreza S11 0:02:32
3= John Lloyd Adrian Cavenagh Subaru Impreza WRC 0:02:37
3= Tristan Bailey James How Mitsubishi Lancer WRC 0:02:37
3= Wug Utting Bob Stokoe Subaru Impreza N12B 0:02:37
3= Andrew Barnes Guy Simmons Subaru Impreza WRC 0:02:37


Leading entries after SS21 Warren Heath
1 Mark Spencer Stuart Andrews Ford Escort 0:07:13
2 Shawn Rayner Declan Dear Ford Escort Mk2 0:07:20
3 Julian Wilkes David Wilkes Vauxhall Nova VXR190 0:07:21
4 Martin Rowe Trevor Agnew Ford Escort Mk1 0:07:25
5 Callum Black Paul Wakely Citroen DS3 R3 Turbo 0:07:29


First Tempest4 cars are through Ash Ranges and the first Tempest2 cars have cleared Warren Heath - reports from stages suggest some great rally action.


Martin Rowe and Trevor Agnew
Trevor says he’s looking forward to a really good craik and he’s had eight years out of the car and really looking forward to it. He’s not even sat in the car yet and thinks he’s going to spend most of the day looking out of the side windows.
Martin is trying to put stickers on a wet and cold car in the service area but he’s looking forward to getting in the car so he can relax as he was up at 5am cleaning up his daughter’s sick. And he’s then had to deliver the kids elsewhere for babysitting and has had a bit of a busy morning so far.


You will also be able to listen live at http:rallyfm.net


A few early comments from the service area.
Course car Phil Morgan
Looking forward to waking up the marshals in the course car and will be making sure the stages are safe before the competitive cars.

Car 15 Pat Flynn
Jamie is really good but I’m totally confused by notes systems but really looking forward to the run around Rushmoor. It’s great to be out behind the wheel.

Car 56 Eddie Gale
Last time I did this event we went off really close to the end of the final stage so the main priority today is to get round.

Car 8 Mark Spencer
It’s 30 years since Mark won this event and he wants to repeat that today.


Morning from the JLT Tempest Rally.
We're looking to be nice and social today so to help you find the information you want here's a run down on our info channels.
On here you can link straight to the results service and we'll be keeping you up to date with driver comments as they come into service.
We're also on Facebook www.facebook.comtempestrally where we'll be posting updates and images and we will also be tweeting @tempestrally.
Tweet us using #tempestrally if you have any comments or questions on crews.

Results service

Keep up to date with results of Tempest2 and Tempest4 right here - just click on the link in the results tab once the event is underway.

Final countdown

We're nearly ready....the stages are looking good and crews are heading to Aldershot.

Keep up to date with action as it unfolds on here, on Facebook and on Twitter...we're everywhere...

Tempest weather forecast

The forecast for Saturday suggests it will become very windy with showers - although it is only showing rain mid-afternoon at the moment. We'll keep you posted.

Entry lists

Seeded entry lists are now online....

Spectator guide

This year's guide is now available to download - just click on the link which has locations, maps and timings for the spectator stages.

Media accreditation

Any media looking to cover the event should email Alyson@tempestrally.com for an accreditation form.

October 20

A quick reminder for anyone who has not yet put their entry in...first closing date is this Wednesday.

October 17

The latest entry list has been updated...just click on the links for full details.

Production World Rally Champion Martin Rowe swaps Whistler for Hampshire

Highlights of this year’s JLT Tempest Rally are set to include the entry of Martin Rowe and Trevor Agnew in a Mark I Escort.

The formidable rally duo will be celebrating 10 years since winning the PWRC on the Tempest Rally and have pledge to have some fun.

Martin has been living in Whistler, Canada for the last five years and is set to make the Tempest Rally a real family affair with wife Clare Samuel and her father Graham also set to compete.

“I will have to remember what to do in a rally car,’’ said Martin. “We probably drive every 10 days or so and there is only one road with an 80 kph limit which is no use for honing my rally driving skills.’’

The entry list also features rally favourites including Stuart Larbey in the Metro 6R4, last year’s Tempest 2 winner Callum Black, Wug Utting and John Lloyd.

There are also entries from Shelly Taunt, Trevor Martin and Pete Egerton.

Rally manager and clerk of the course Barry Guess said the event’s legendary back to basics approach continues to attract a great entry list.

“We are still taking entries and are delighted that our value for money proposition is attracting such a wide range of competitors.’’

The event takes place on Saturday November 2 and will once again separate rallies for two wheel drive cars and four wheel drive cars with an Aldershot base and central servicing.

The rally will offer
• Up to 45 stage miles and approximately 110 road miles
• Lowest cost loose surface rally in the UK for many years
• Stages used only once a year
• Same day scrutineering and rally if required
• Central servicing at spectator stage
• Staged entry fee - £49 secures entry – pay by debitcredit card
• Awards presented at the finish line
• Event complete by 6pm

Regulations and entry forms are available at www.tempestrally.com while and the rally is on Twitter @tempestrally and on Facebook.

October 5

As every the rally cannot run without marshals - if you are free we'd love to see you helping on one of the stages. Contact marshals@tempestrally.com

October 3

Leading entries are now online and Facebook is the place to be for details of key entrants..come on over...

September 22

Entries coming in thick and fast for this year's events...names on the list already include last year's Tempest 2 winner Callum Black, Pat Flynn, Lee and Dan Robinson and Race to Rally Recovery team Dakar co-driver Philip Gillespie with Harry Sherrard in the driving seat. Keen an eye on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

2013 documents

The regs and entry form are now online...just cast your eyes to the right and there they are. You can also link directly to our Facebook page and Twitter feed too.

A birthday present from Tempest

It may still be sunny outside and there's still a few days of August left but autumn will soon be upon us.... Ok that's a bit of a downer so what about something to pep you up again - I'm 25..... honestly.

2013 is my 25th anniversary as Clerk of the Course of the Tempest Rally and to celebrate I have put together a really special package for anyone who fancies doing the best value stage rally for a long, long time.

The 2013 JLT Tempest Rally has received an enormous vote of confidence from a number of rallying businessmen and friends who have pledged their support and sponsorship to this unique 2 wheeldrive 4 wheeldrive event.

This has allowed me to give you all a present....

For this year only we are offering the JLT Tempest Rallies at just £299 for Tempest 2 and just £329 for Tempest 4 - That's around £130 or 32% off what should be the 2013 price. Surely an offer that's hard to resist!?

What else is special for 2013...?
* Separate 2 wheeldrive & 4 wheeldrive rallies with individual results and awards
* Up to 45 stage miles and approximately 110 road miles
* 10 competitive stages only used once a year
* Friday or Saturday morning Scrutineering (One day event)
* Central Servicing with superb Spectator Special for sponsors and team to enjoy.
* Staged entry fee (£49 deposit secures entry with balance taken 7 days before the event).
* Credit and debit cards accepted
* No pointless 'pre-event meetings' with the Mayor
* No hidden fines or charges
* Winners receive the accolades and publicity rather than just being a 'bolt-on' rally to pay for the larger events
* No need to wait around for hours for the Awards ceremony - There isn't one!
* 1st, 2nd & 3rd receive their trophies at the Finish

This is a real rally, for real drivers run by real clubman organisers without a wage earner in sight!

Should you have any questions then please drop us an email to entries.secretary@aol.com or check back here where the regs and entry form will soon be available.

2013 event

Regs for this year's JLT Tempest Rally will be online soon...the date for your diary is Saturday November 2.